I knit so I won’t kill you.

For all of you out there who think knitting is just for old ladies and boring people: I knit so I won’t kill you all. There. I said it. Behind this placid face and these clicking stainless steel knitting needles with the really really sharp points, I am a mass of stress and unfocused rage. Did you know that knitting can produce a zen like state of meditation? Check out this CNN article. This is most likely the sole reason I’m not currently in prison. With massive problems looming at work, ongoing health problems in the family, and the ~800 rooster chicks I need to re-home I’ve been knitting nonstop for about 4 months now. And while this means I’ll be set for the holiday gifts this year, my repetitive stress syndrome in the old hands is at an all time high. But a true athlete works through the pain, so I knit on. Want to see what I’ve made? Sure you do!

So here’s a ginormous shawl.




And here’s a little Voodoo Doll. He turned out so cute, I couldn’t stand to mutilate him.



And here’s my favorite. I’m keeping it for me… It’s a shawlette shaped like Dragon Wings. It’s like having my own little fire lizard, only I don’t have to feed it.

photo 3


There’s more, but after working for a whole month on a shawl with a horrible pattern, I gave up on it. The yarn was pretty though. And there’s the other part of knitting as stress relief, the yarn. Yarn is it’s own little addiction. It’s so soft and so pretty and so expensive, which leads back to stress as to how I’m going to afford all of this yarn! 😉


Did I mention I got new knitting needles? They are so shiny, and sharp. They’re also made out of stainless steel so it’ll be easier to clean the blood off…



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  1. I need to check you blog more. Awesome.

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