Dragon KAL Update

He’s done! #khdragon #knitting #ravelry

A photo posted by Melissa (@karmic9) on

He’s finished and he is BEAUTIFUL!

At least I think so, especially as I can’t feel my little finger anymore…. I now know I hate Size 1 DPNs. Admittedly, my DPN technique is pretty lacking. Anyway after many hours of being poked by hundreds (slight exaggeration) of pipe cleaners and cramping my hands up on teeny tiny DPNs, he is a whole dragon. I’m really happy with the way he turned out. I will have to admit that all of the work was worth it. I was really starting to worry, but my own stubbornness wouldn’t let me waste the yarn, so…

I would never have taken the time to figure out all of the increases and decreases involved in getting this guy to have proper looking musculature, but thankfully Kim did. She is a Dragon Goddess. Bow down, folks. Bow Down.



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